It is hard to imagine this beautiful reality star ever being lonely. Has anyone ever seen Kim Kardashian without a man nearby? This alluring woman appears to love men as much as they love her, yet somehow she can’t seem to find her ideal match.

Of course Kim does not need a man for financial stability. She’s one of those Kardashians, the ones who have made a major fortune in recent years with their fashion and reality television show enterprises. Kim has even taken the time to appear in a couple of motion pictures, and when it has been time to donate to charitable causes, this gorgeous Kardashian is always one of the first celebrities to pledge her assistance.

The only area of Kim’s life that seems to be missing something is the romance department. What exactly is a Maxim Top 100 list stunner like Kim Kardashian looking for in a man? What is it that she is seeking that has her running from one guy to another?

At the age of 19, Kim married Damon Thomas in a private ceremony. Four years later, the two were divorced. A couple of years later in 2006, Nick Lachey found Kim to be the perfect distraction after his divorce from songstress Jessica Simpson. Later on in 2006, Kim fell hard for Ray J, singer Branddi’s younger brother. The two dated hot and heavy until the release of one of their steamy sex tapes brought their relationship to a crushing end.

That disappointment did not hold the ever cheerful Kim down. In 2007, she hooked up with the future Mr. Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, but this relationship quickly fizzled, and Kim began what would be one of the longest relationships of her life so far. When Kim encountered football player Reggie Bush in 2007 at an awards event, she was instantly smitten and so was he. For two years, they had an on and off relationship that once seemed to be headed to the altar but panned out due to their conflicting work schedules.

Bush would be followed by another football player, Miles Austin in 2010. Even though Austin appeared on Kim’s reality show, this relationship was destined to be brief as well. After that, Kim was linked with several other celebrities including Kanye West and Halle Berry’s Baby Daddy, Gabriel Aubry, but nothing serious until now. The voluptuous Kim Kardashian is currently dating professional basketball player, Kris Humphries. Perhaps she decided to take some advice from her sister Khloe who is married to LA Laker, Lamar Odom. Kim’s relationship with Kris has been going on since 2010. Perhaps she has finally found what she is looking for in a man. We can certainly hope not.

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Kim Kardashian arriving @ a friend's house in LA


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Kim Kardashian on the Town

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Kim Kardashian's Ass - Wowsa



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