For those who were totally into her in The Wonder Years and used to have fantasies about the big eyed, long haired beauty, Danica McKellar is all grown up and chances are, she’s smarter than you.  That’s right, little Winnie grew up and she’s a math guru and she totally loves it.  She says that she started doing real math in college because her brain felt “mushy”.  She solved a few equations, and the next thing you know, the gorgeous Danica is proving theorems and writing books.

We all know that super smart is super sexy – kind of like the hot librarian fantasy that so many guys have, and Danica fills this roll perfectly.  Yes guys, she still has her trademark long flowing locks and she’s still got the same big beautiful eyes, but this little “nerdie Birdie” is more than you bargained for.  We bet Fred Savage is still dreaming about her.

So, how does Danica McKellar deal with the Winnie Cooper freaks?  She says that she’s really careful about who wants to go out with her and why.  She reports that she can count the guys she’s been with on one hand and she’s always pretty careful about taking her time.  It’s worth it, because there are so many creeps out there.

When it comes to what she thinks is sexy, Danica says that being “skilled” is what’s attractive to her.  That and confidence, which she says can be sexy in guys and girls.  She admits her admiration for one gorgeous 50 year old Michelle Pfeiffer who she isn’t into, but if she did like girls, that would be her choice.

So, everyone wonders all the time:  that kiss between Winnie and Kevin, was it their first kiss ever?  Danica says that yes, they had only known each other a week and had huge crushes, but they never kissed off-screen…  Ever, she adds.

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