Emmanuelle Vaugier makes the Maxim Top 100 list, which is a lot better than some of the other roles she’s had to play. This dark, sultry beauty has had her fair share of unfortunate parts, which is why we are so glad to see that she’s doing something she can really enjoy (the Maxim shoot – of course). She saw her on-screen death in Saw II and then had the (uhm – sorry Emmanuelle) misfortune of playing alongside Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men as his love interest.

Despite Charlie’s self-infatuation, there’s no doubt for us that he was charmed by this stunning beauty and all of her wiles. It’s clear by her photos that she’s got the ability to change her look again and again. One minute she can look smokin’ hot and the next she’s all demure and angelic. It might be the eyes – or not.

The truth is that this beauty really has a heart and she’s not afraid to show it. She says that she doesn’t mind watching herself dying on screen and that if it’s more creative, it’s more fun to watch. Her mom, however, has a very tough time with seeing it. That doesn’t stop her from enjoying the creativity, though.

While some of her parts might not have been very easy to play, she knows that her paycheck comes from “faking it” on film (No more Charlie jabs, but it’s really hard to resist), which is probably why she’s been so good at playing her parts.

All that soft innocence goes way back to when she was in school, where she would hike up her plaid uniform skirt and put boxers beneath them so that she could avoid getting into trouble. Sounds like somebody learned young how to bend the rules and get away with it.

Emmanuelle Vaugier Emmanuelle Vaugier – Hard to Pronounce, But Easy on the Eyes

Emmanuelle Vaugier = Smokin Hot



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