Animals attacking can be one of the scariest things a human being can go through. Bears, Lions, Tigers, Elephants and many more all attack humans and more often than not survival of the fittest reigns supreme.

We’ve decided to celebrate today with some awesome animal attacking videos which will get your blood pumping and heart beating fast. They’re intense, close, scary and some just downright funny.

Enjoy this awesome selection of our Most Awesome Animal Attacking Videos!

Lions Attack Circus Trainers

Can’t say I feel sorry for the circus folk when they keep em caged up like they do. It was bound to happen. PS: Listen for the dad singing lalala to try and make it all ok for his children..

Circus Lions Attack Trainers – Watch more Funny Videos

Bear attacks owner

Tied up on a rope and basically living a rubbish life? I’d have attacked too.

Woman Survives Vicious Bear Attack – Watch more Funny Videos

Angry Lion attacks woman!

Well she was French…

Angry Lion Attacks French Woman – Watch more Funny Videos

Great White busts cage open!

What you didn’t see was the brown murky water that suddenly emerged after this.

Shark Attacks Through Diver’s Cage – Watch more Funny Videos

When Ostrich attack!

Don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in so long. This video has it all, wimpy kid, hard as nails dad. Donkey just going wherever it likes and an Ostrich getting beaten up then legging it. Oscar nomination?

Ostrich Attacks Kid – Watch more Funny Videos

Polar Bear Attack!

3 Fences? Well this bear would have completely teared her apart!

Bull Attack!

Damn these people have got to have some balls!

Double Shark Attack!

Lucky is an understatement.

Lion Mauls Zookeeper!

Poor Bob! He’s a lucky fella.

Kangaroo vs Man

Cmon bet if we stuck Mike Tyson in there, could be a different story…

Tiger vs Man on Elephant.

Christ almost went out there without my stick…

Leopard Attack!.

Just wanted to say thank you for letting me go…

Elephant Seal Attacks.

Cmon guys I’m trying to get some sleep!

pixel Most Awesome Animal Attacking Videos!
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