Let’s face it, you either love or hate the Jersey Shore. One thing is certain, it’s the most popular reality show on cable tv. Yea, I know nuts rights. When they were in Italy last year, I wasn’t a fan of it at all. I actually stopped watching it midway during the season. Being back in Jersey, I had to at least try to get back into it.

In my opinion, this is their best season ever! Who knows if there will be a next season (rumor has it this is the last season for this cast), but this one is by far the best. Two week ago the Jersey Shore touched upon an issue that effects many of us, Anxiety. Below is Vinny’s Youtube video discussing his issue

One other good component of the show is the Shore Store (the place where the cast “works”). They are selling signed Jersey Shore shirts with proceeds going to the JED foundation. To think, fist pumpers could be turning the corner?

pixel Jersey Shore & Anxiety   Finally a Real Issue!
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