The breathtakingly beautiful Zoe Saldana is holding the world hostage, and for once nobody is complaining. Not only is Zoe strikingly gorgeous, with her smooth as a baby, milk chocolate skin, but she is an enormously talented actress as well. It is not surprising that she effortlessly made the Maxim Top 100 List.

Zoe has worked with some of the hottest leading men in the entertainment industry including Johnny Deep, Orlando Bloom, Zachary Quinton, Ashton Butcher, and “X-Men” star James Marsden. Her blockbuster film resume includes the record breaking “Avatar”, the opportunity to slap Johnny Deep in the “Pirates of the Caribbean”, and a young Spock’s love interest in “Star Trek”.

She did not come upon this road to success overnight though. At the young, ripe age of 31, Zoe has paid her dues. Working hard earned her a breakout role in the movie “Center Stage” in 2000. This was followed by a turn with Punked’s Ashton Kutcher in “Guess Who”.

Her movie career begin to boom with appearances in the Britney Spears vehicle “Crossroads” and “The Terminal” among other flicks. Of course when most people think of the delectable chocolate goddess, they think of Zoe in her fantasy making role as a college girl in “Drumline”, alongside Mariah Carey’s boy toy, Nick Cannon.

Once upon a time, all who were searching for a leading lady with dark skin had their eyes  focused on Halle Berry. That was then, and today is today. Now everyone is wondering if Zoe Saldana is the new Halle Berry. These exquisite women are quite similar yet so very different in their recent achievements.

Like Berry, Saldana is warm and welcoming to all. She can go from geek to chic in under a minute. This is what the public finds so intriguing about this exotic beauty. Lately, Halle’s career has appeared to wane. Perhaps she is the victim of the famous Oscar curse or maybe motherhood has changed her priorities. Who knows? Her presence is definitely missed, but Zoe seems to be effortlessly filling the void.

Above all, Zoe Saldana is not afraid to express her mind. She freely admits to loving sex and has even said that she can never get enough of it. To Zoe Saldana, the body is beautiful and should never be hidden. She personally believes there should be more sex in movies. As long as she’s the leading lady in these “more sex” movies, who can disagree?


zoe saldana Is Zoe Saldana the new Halle Berry?

Zoe Saldana on Shoot

zoe saldana2 Is Zoe Saldana the new Halle Berry?

Candid Zoe Saldana out in Beverly Hills


pixel Is Zoe Saldana the new Halle Berry?
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