It sounds incredibly crazy, but here this latest Hollywood trend out

Many young girls in Hollywood would do anything to be with a celeb intimately. Take it a step further, a growing percentage of the girls will do anything to be the celeb’s baby momma. Think of it as the golden ticket for a girl to get that Hollywood sugar daddy.

balls Hollywood Celebs are Fighting Back   By Snipping Their Balls?

Hollywood Men are Nuts

Well, it appears the rich and famous in Hollywood have smarten up, in a way. Many of these men have decided to do a procedure that allows these men to shoot blanks. Yes, these men have gone to the extreme to mess around with these younger girls and not worry about getting them pregnant.

Many of you are thinking, well, why don’t these men simply wear protection? Sounds like common sense, but these guys want that natural feeling more than anyone. STD risk, well, most of these men already have an STD. Herpes, warts, and worse all carried in someway shape or form by these men.

Lesson learned – Hollywood is taking deception to a whole other level. If you’re really looking to have an arrangement of sorts, then go the route. Stop the insanity!

pixel Hollywood Celebs are Fighting Back   By Snipping Their Balls?

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