One of the more powerful documentaries. Only 5 minutes long but still gets you on a level that’ll turn you away from the drug for good.

Wanna show kids why not to do drugs? Then this video of a Final Days of a Heroin Addict will do it.

Watch and let me know your thoughts..

“Ben Rogers lived in Alton – a small Staffordshire village. He began taking drugs when he was 17 – and died aged just 34. As he began his final decline, Ben began videoing his everyday life with a Stoke-on-Trent documentary-maker.

Ben Rogers – who came from from a loving middle class family – began taking drugs as a teenager, a choice that led to his death in 2007, less than twenty years later.

For much of his short life he lived in the small, picturesque village of Alton in the Staffordshire Moorlands. His family had tried everything to get him clean.

He was a bright, likeable man who discovered he had a talent for film making. In 2006 he began filming his everyday life.

The scenes, filmed on an ordinary video camera can be grainy and shaky, but they are painfully honest, as he trains the camera directly on himself.”

Courtesy of the BBC.

pixel Final Days of a Heroin Addict   Ben Rogers
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