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Making the Maxim Hot 100, Daniela Ruah is a beautiful force to be reckoned with.  For those of you who are NCIS: Los Angeles fans, you know her as the butt kicking; gorgeous tough special agent named Kensi, but this Portuguese beauty is about more than just kicking ass.  She loves to do her own stunts and regularly trains with guys from Fight Club and The Matrix and says that her favorite go-to move is elbowing people in the face.  Guys, look out, because she’s not afraid to show off her talents in real life, either.

Gun guys, this might be your dream woman; she loves the fact that she gets to carry a gun on the show and has experience shooting the 9 mm sig.  Not only that, but the tougher the better, because she’d like to be able to shoot the Desert Eagle .50.  Daniela says that having a gun in your hand is “very empowering.”  With all that power, you’d think she’s as serious as they come, but you might be surprised that when her co-star LL Cool J slips into a beat box routine, she’s pounding right along.

Coming from Portugal, though, she wasn’t impressed with his “real” name and he must be a gentleman, because he introduced himself as Todd.  No worries for Daniela, though, because she wasn’t familiar with the LL charms anyway. Wondering what a gorgeous, tough girl like Daniela looks for in a guy?  She says that perfection is boring.  Instead, she prefers a guy who’s confident and smart, but who’s not afraid to show that he needs a little help every now and then.  She says that women like to feel “needed” every now and then.  So if you’re a guy who thinks that you know it all, you might want to stay away, because Daniella will not be interested.

daniela Ruah1 Daniela Ruah Will Knock Your Socks Off

Daniela Ruah Black Tie Gala LA

daniela Ruah2 Daniela Ruah Will Knock Your Socks Off

Daniela Ruah Black Tie Gala LA

pixel Daniela Ruah Will Knock Your Socks Off

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