If you’re like lots of guys out there, you know just how hot the many Australian stars can be and Sophie Monk is no exception.  This gorgeous blonde started her success as a pop star in Australia and has set her goals to making the United States her next big fan base.  Since coming here, this stunning star has made big progress that you might know about, but if not, we’ll help to refresh your memory.

Not only does this Maxim Top 100 babe look great, but she’s making her way with her talent.  After a successful solo debut in Australia, she’s come to the US and it’s paying off for her.  Since arriving, she’s scored roles in movies like Click, Date Movie and Entourage, but her first acting job was as Marilyn Monroe in the movie called The Mystery of Natalie Wood. Plus, if you’re into Australian music, you’ve heard her with her all girl pop band Bardot and later on her own.  If not, it’s okay; we won’t hold it against you.

Think Sophie Monk will be headed back to her hometown any time soon?  Think again because she might just become someone to keep an eye on.  She doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, so you’ll get to keep an eye or two on her for a while longer.  Take a deep breath, though because she’s totally taken.  Her engagement to Benji Madden of Good Charlotte guarantees that she’s planning to be around for the long haul, which is good news for us.

In case you’re curious, Sophie says that her very favorite season is summer.  We think so too, darlin’ – the less you wear, the better the weather.  So in honor of this gorgeous Aussie, we’re hoping for a long summer afterall.

sophie monk Australian Hottie Sophie Monk

Sophie Monk Smoking in San Diego on May 20th

Sophie Monk Pokies Australian Hottie Sophie Monk

Sophie Monk Pokies

pixel Australian Hottie Sophie Monk
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