With the arrival of The World Cup SweatyGooch decided to present 8 of the most breathtaking, unbelievable and downright unforgettable moments from previous World Cups.

They feature cheats, legends, brilliance and sportsmanship of the highest levels. Make your own choices but sit and watch as the world’s greatest tournament is brought to you in 10 very easy to view videos.

Presenting the 8 Greatest Moments in World Cup History!



Maradona’s hand of god

Never has a cheat cause some much anger from one nation, England were cheated out of the game and will never forget it.


Maradona’s solo goal

While his first in this game was the Hand of God, his second was a masterclass in football. Unbelievable.


The Pele Save

Possibly the greatest footballer ever Pele was denied by one of the greatest goalkeepers Gordon Banks, a truly epic moment.


The Headbutt

Zidane with possibly the most high profile exit ever witnessed in sport.


Welcome Pele

One of the world’s greatest makes his impact.


Cruyff Turn

Changed the face of football believe it or not.


The Miracle of Bern

Down 2 nil to come back brought a change of fortune for Germany…


Pele Dummy

To do this was just awesome, same he couldn’t finish…

pixel 8 Moments in World Cup History
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