Being on twitter is either brilliant or boring. The first time you access the site you immediately follow the celebrities and then basically sit back and wonder what on earth you do on this site.

It’s a process that happens roughly every 4-6 months until you either give up or get sucked in. For the lads we’ve decided to prove a nice appetiser to join Twitter, the 43 sexiest celebrity twitter photos ever!

Follow these babes and you’ll be fixed for regular updated softcore material!


 43 Sexiest Celeb Twitter Pics!
pixel 43 Sexiest Celeb Twitter Pics!

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  2. jim bumann @ 2010-05-13 07:26

    what makes you ass clowns think I want to hear some stupid ad? I for one get enough stupid (arsine, sophomoric) idiocy on network television. Show your content have your banner adds, but for the love of non-reality T.V. stick the non-nonsensical commercial sup your arse

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