Getting drunk is something that can either turn a night out into the best you ever had or a miserable disappointment. Unfortunately normally it’s a major disappoint. You either get injured, get beat up, get mugged, lose your wallet and phone and wake up in some park without a clue how you got there.

We’ve picked 17 of the Funniest Drunk videos to spare you the embarrassment of just how bad you think yours was.

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Drunk Prank on Buddy

Brilliant little prank on this drunk dude. To pop him on a lilo into the middle of a pond is just beautiful, very funny and very original.


Bobby Black

Love the narrator’s “Finally Bobby actually used his head, pity it was to soften the fall” Classic!


What’d the tree do?

Getting drunk and angry at other people is common. Getting angry at a tree isn’t…


Drunk Convenience Store

This guy fails just epically in trying to get more beer. Unfortunately I have been in this state before and I feel his trouble!


David Hasselhoff

No-one should hassle the hoff especially when he’s drunk..


Drunk Russian

Had this been sober Russian there would have been quite a few gasps but I’m afraid it’s the same old Russian’s again. They just love that alcohol.


Major Drunk at Police Station

Love this. Just absolutely love this.


Just walk the line please..

One of the hardest things to do when drunk, not that I’ve been stopped for a DUI, but staying on the pavement without falling is pretty tricky..

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Trousers for Shirt?

Just how drunk is this guy!?


Break Dance Knockout!

Terrific knockout here. Just wearing that stupid hoodie makes it 10x better.

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Drunk Referee

Love the way he’s like nope I’m fine when his body is walking diagonally not vertically. Maybe a problem with his back but surely if it was that difficult you’d find it almost impossible to walk due to the pain? Let me know..


Drunk likes sick

Even if you’re paralytic there is a switch in your brain which says “don’t eat your own vomit” surely?

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Drunk on a bike

Haha Haha Haha Haha No reaction at all just straight into it!

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Square on your nose

Although it’s not confirmed these guys had to be under the influence. The poor fella who did at the back, awww bless him! Don’t worry Bobby out of King of the Hill will be alright.

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Drunk Officer?

Lol this can’t be real surely?


Bus Fight?

Lol just love the bitchiness that goes on in this video. 2 guys on 1, 1 gets frustrated and so on.


Don’t fight the bouncers..

They bounce for a reason people!

 17 Funniest Drunk Videos
pixel 17 Funniest Drunk Videos

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