Songs are meant to provoke an emotion in the listener, whether it’s sadness, joy, happiness, fear the list goes on. Few songs though have the ability to make us laugh.

It takes a very creative person/band to be able to write a song that is easy listening but also very very funny.

We’ve selected 10 of our favourite funny songs and placed them into this easy to follow post.

Let us know your favourites and which ones we might have missed.



Flight of the Conchords – Business Time


The Lonely Island – Jizz in my pants

Lots of good songs from The Lonely Island, this is our favourite.


Stephen Lynch – Lullaby

One of the funniest songwriters I’ve come across. Beautiful.


Monty Python – Lumberjack Song!

Monty Python are just a league apart from everybody else…


Weird Al Yankovic – Fat

Really Weird Al’s back catalog goes on forever. Just love the crutch pumps in this video..

Weird Al Yankovic – Fat (Official Music Video) – Watch more top selected videos about: Weird_Al_Yankovic


South Park – Kyle’s Mum is a *****

The Movie is just full of stupidly funny songs…


Chris Moyles – Dogs Don’t Kill People Wabbits Do

Most of his and Dave’s parodies are very clever, this is the funniest one I think.


Eminem – Guilty Conscience

Could have selected loads from Eminem’s catalog but this is our favourite. Definitely check out Brain Damage and My Name is…


Hollywood Undead – Everywhere I Go

One of the new ones that was recommended to me. I like what I heard.


Spinal Tap – Stonehenge…

Just pure brilliance. The dead pan expressions while singing are perfect…



Waynes World – Bohemian Rhapsody

Not a funny song but one hell of a funny performance…

 10 Greatest Funny Songs
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  2. Haha #2 FTW. Lonely Island is hilarious. although i think "I'm on a Boat" should be up there as well. also the song from South Park was hilarious as well

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