You have to love these kind of videos. A bully getting beaten up. I can’t think of anything more satisfying in life, the idea someone is in your face, spitting, punching, intimidating you to the point of ridiculous and then bam get shown up for what they are.

Here are 10 of the very best beatdowns on bullies, please comment and tell us your favourites or any experiences you might have had with being bullied or beating someone up who was just asking for it..



Really was this bully drunk or just an idiot. With the music and language this has to be Eastern Europe where every bottle swigging youngster thinks they’re the next Rocky Balboa.

Luckily this skater puts him back in his place pretty quickly..


Well 3 on 1 quickly disappear when this dude comes over. Great punch to put the guy rightfully into his place, on the floor of course. Love how accurate the guys with the camera are though, had the dude gone down the street definitely a 3 on 1 situation which is just not good whoever you are.

Great video though


Why do guys who think their all it take their tops off? Seriously what does it prove, in my experience anyone who takes their shirt off is asking for a purple nurple which is easily the worst pain known to man.

Take a seat boy.


God you have to hate the yobs in Liverpool. I’ve been to Liverpool and it’s a fantastic city but unfortunately is full of people like this that think they’re something they ain’t.

This yob gets put right back in his place by this black belt who shows great composure and patience throughout.


Guy in the red shirt smacks first and receives a massive back down. It would be really interesting to know what had happened before hand but the guy in yellow soon lays down the law.

Pick your face out of the concrete.


Love the fashion in this next clip. Loads of tango tan, bad clothing and dodgy surfer hair. The polish have and never will look like this which makes it all the more funnier in their backdrop.

Add also the fact he gets knocked out, this is an instant classic.


This is one of the most awesome videos ever. The fact he punches the girls just makes it all the more worse until someone decides to step in.

Watch the tape it’s awesome!


One of the most famous fight videos on the net. This pimp gets owned to the max! Would love to learn karate purely to learn this move. Straight knockout.

Have to feel for the taxi driver though..


2 guys on 1 is in anybodys books an unfair fight. Unless of course you’re Mike Tyson or Lennox Lewis, luckily for this girl her boyfriend happens to be both rolled into 1.

Both guys had to be drunk surely?


A bunch of drunken idiots decide to start fights all down the high street and suddenly spot 2 guys cross dressing. Unknown to the drunks the cross dressers were actually cage fighters on a stag night out.

The rest as they say is history…

 10 Bullys Getting Beaten Up!
pixel 10 Bullys Getting Beaten Up!

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