With the World Cup in South Africa fast approaching we will be making this week’s featured posts all about the World Cup.

Today it’s the 10 Best World Cup Adverts ever devised. They range from the emotional to the comical to the plain incredible…

Enjoy and let us know your thoughts, presenting the 10 Best World Cup Adverts Ever!


Nike – Write the Future

Probably one of the cleverest adverts ever made, it’s a simple concept and one that is beautifully executed. How the future can change at any point.


Budweiser – Crowd Participation

I’d love to find out this was real but it’s just too good to be but the concept is fantastic and it’s a fun advert that appears every World Cup.


Nike – Airport

Just the skill and timing of alot of this footage is breathtaking, alot of it is real and just shows the pure brilliance of the Brazilians at the time. Awesome.


Adidas – Pick your team

Just love the editing on this advert and the idea of you versus your mate picking out which players you’d have on your team and for them to actually arrive, field of dreams fantasy..


Nike – Secret Tournament

Think every kid in 2002 wanted to take part in the Secret Nike Tournament after seeing this advert. Awesome.


Carlsberg – England Team Talk

If your English or appreciate English sporting history you’ll understand this video and just how good it is..


Adidas – Star Wars World Cup Viewing Party

Only recently released but incredible editing and some fantastic dialogue.


Netherlands – Steal their fans

Starts off a bit ordinary in my opinion but a terrific message and fantastic motivational quotes to get your blood pumping…


Australia – Optus Socceroos v. Wild Animals

Love the idea and it’s very well presented in this commercial. Enjoy it.


Carlsberg – Best Pub Team Ever?

Basically a sunday league Pub Team made up of legendary English Players, all of a World Class quality in their time playing against some poor buggers… Hilarious and fantastically brilliant. RIP Bobby Robson!

pixel 10 Best World Cup Adverts Ever
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