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Top Gear is by far the best television programme in the world. 3 blokes arguing and basically setting each other challenges/races etc in Bugatti Veryon’s and other high priced cars to see who’s the best. These 3 blokes being James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson, three very well respected presenters.

We’ve selected 10 of our favourite Top Gear challenges. We’re not saying these are the best but certainly 10 of our favourites. Let us know your favourite and which ones we might have missed.



Featuring Ken Block

Love this segment not only for the awesome car skills Ken Block demonstrates but the awesome wit of James May and incredible Top Gear camera work which is present in every episode.


Bugatti Veyron vs Plane

An incredible bit of engineering the Veyron of course. Jeremy is in a race against a plane with Captain Slow (James May) and the Hamster (Richard Hammond) at the helm and who will win?


Richard Hammond’s Crash at 315mph

We all thought we had lost the hamster when this happened a few years ago. We’re so glad to have him back as he’s old self and we wouldn’t change him for the world.


24 Hour Race

You have to love the Stig in this episode, the mystery man is just epic and destroys the crowd. Who is the Stig? Ben Collins? Michael Schumacher? Damon Hill? Take your guesses..


Crossing the Channel

A brilliant challenge, create a road worthy vehicle that can cross the English channel (25miles) of sea. A very funny episode and well worth watching..


Caravan Holiday

No one in the world hates the caravan more than Top Gear and as punishment the Top Gear producers decided to stick all 3 presenters on a caravan holiday.. Chaos and Hilarity ensued.


Extreme Motorhome Racing

Best way to test out a Motorhome? Race it around a race track and see which one last’s the longest. I miss demolition derby icon sad 10 Best Top Gear Challenges


Top Gear USA Trip

Love the fact they stuck Jeremy Clarkson in the South of America possibly the worst place to put him. Love the rednecks chase though and their general awesomeness..


Top Gear Botswana Special

Travelling the distance on the money they did was just astonishing. Well done to Top Gear on this one.


Top Gear Vietnam Special

One of our alltime favourite Top Gear Challenges and it doesn’t involve cars. Who would have thought it…

 10 Best Top Gear Challenges
pixel 10 Best Top Gear Challenges

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