The IPhone has basically become one of the biggest selling gadgets of all time. You can text, you can call, you can snap, you can browse, you can do it all on the iphone.

As we enjoy a mostly male college educated demographic, we thought it might be nice to share 10 of the best Iphone applications for guys.

Whether it’s women related, car related, humor related we’ve selected 10 that every guy needs. We haven’t been paid by any developers or anything, incidentally if we’ve plugged your app send us some money. Ta.

Enjoy the following 10 Best Iphone Applications for Guys!!!


10. Flux Tunes – £0.59 $0.99

In the car and playing music? This app is ideal for a casual swipe to the next track, no problems about hitting the right button anymore, this app demands a manly swipe.

flux 10 Best IPhone Apps for Guys!


9. IFitness – £1.19 or $2

It’s needed. If you ever at any point hit the gym or looking to keep a tight toned body like moi’s then you need this app. Keep a record of your gym performance, get buff and work the guns.

ifitness 10 Best IPhone Apps for Guys!


8. iHandgun – Free

This is sooooo needed for Russian Roulette with friends. Basically whoever “shoots” themselves does the shot. It’s fun, tense and just a laugh. Always a little apprehension before the click…

handgun 10 Best IPhone Apps for Guys!


7. ESPN ScoreCenter – Free

Sports is probably the 3rd most important thing in a man’s life behind women and beer. Money is way down the list tbh, it’s all about keeping scores and checking sports news!

espn 10 Best IPhone Apps for Guys!


6. Blackbook – £1.89 $2.99

Every guy needs a blackbook, this one keeps hold of private pictures, social networking stuff and everything to show your buddies which hottie you’re tapping.

blackbook 10 Best IPhone Apps for Guys!


5. Ishoot – £0.59 $0.99

Imagine playing worms with your mates but with tanks and proper missles in the same room on your Iphone, that’s Ishoot. Awesome!

ishoot 10 Best IPhone Apps for Guys!


4. Angry Birds – £0.59 $1

Who can knock down the buildings with flying birds? Only a man can play this game of course.

angryb 10 Best IPhone Apps for Guys!


3. Rogers Profanisaurus – £2.89 $4.99

Literally every brilliant word is in this dictionary. It’s basically Urban Dictionary but with funny explanations and much better words. So many laughs with your buddies…

profan 10 Best IPhone Apps for Guys!


2. Bed O Meter – £0.59 $0.99

Whether you’re with a partner or flying solo this little app will tell you how long, and how many calories were burned.

bedo 10 Best IPhone Apps for Guys!


1. Hipstamatic Camera – £1.19 $2.99

You need a guy’s camera. A camera where you can shake it and it randomises loads of cool settings for the awesome shot. You need this app.

hip 10 Best IPhone Apps for Guys!

pixel 10 Best IPhone Apps for Guys!

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